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Virtual Chiropractic Assistance

Our new patients have increased because of information captured when the leads call and it frees up staff from having to “man” the phone during off hours giving her a much needed break from the office so she is rested, happier and more productive during regular office hours!”
- Dr. William Watt,D.C.

My front desk receptionist quit without notice…and my phones were still being answered so I didn’t have to!”
– Dr. Matt Goda, D.C.

We haven’t lost a new patient that called the system and left their info. For sure some of these would have kept calling the next chiropractor.”
- Dr. Cecil Ashby, D.C.

“…Best money I've spent in a while. I was at a conference in Florida 2 weekends ago. When I came back I had a stack of faxes with 13 new patients that were requesting new patient appointments… Just to put it in perspective, I had been averaging 7-8 new patients a month for a year. This is huge!”
- Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut, D.C.

Can You Really Afford To LOSE Up To
7-15 New Patients Every Month?

Let’s Do The Math…

When you consider that you average up to 5-7 calls per day (or more) during your CLOSED hours (lunch, weekends, nights)… you’re probably MISSING a MINIMUM of 150 calls per month!

And if only 10% of your lost calls are NEW PATIENTS, then up to 15 NEW PATIENTS PER MONTH (WHO SHOULD BE YOURS) are calling during OFF hours!

That’s 15 EXTRA NEW PATIENTS who are just slipping through your cracks and going to your competition!

Let’s say that number is inflated and most of those 15 simply call back during office hours (they don’t, but let’s humor the idea)…

At a bare minimum, rock bottom, 33% of these lost new patients will NOT call you back… they either forget who they’ve called or they’ve shopped other offices and booked an appointment there with someone who DID answer the phone. So that means that you are losing up to FIVE New Patients EVERY MONTH because your office phone is not answered LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether it’s new patients hanging up in the middle of the day because they were rolled to voice mail while your front desk was swamped with calls or it’s after hours on the weekends, new patients are calling and hanging up on your voice mail… never to be heard from again. Also keep in mind that you’re also losing all the potential referrals and repeat business you could be making from these lost new patients.

By Not Answering Your Phones During Your Off and Busy Hours with a Trained and Professional Staff, You Could Be Losing Between $60,000 and $180,000 ANNUALLY! Most chiropractors don’t MAKE that much each year. Just by not answering your phones, YOU MAYBE LOSING THAT MUCH MORE!

What if answering your phone during off and busy hours only prevented 5 hang ups per month and you got only netted one additional new patient?

You’d STILL capture at bare minimum $1,000 EXTRA DOLLARS in that patient’s lifetime of doing business with you (or more)!

All while doing absolutely NOTHING!

Here Is How The Virtual Chiropractic Assistant™ Works:

Pretend for a moment that it is Monday and you are about to leave for lunch:

All you have to do is pick up the phone and using your phone company’s call forwarding feature (usually “72#”), punch in 72#, wait for a dial tone, and then dial your Virtual Chiropractic Assistant’s phone number which we will provide to you once you are signed up.

When the connection has been made, just hang up the phone and you are all set…Then when you return from lunch, just de-activate the call forwarding feature by picking the phone back up, dialing 73# (or whatever number/s your phone company uses), waiting to hear a dial tone, then hanging up. If you don’t have “call forwarding” set up with your phone company, give them a call today; it takes 24 hours or less and only costs a few dollars per month.

At the end of the day, just re-activate by picking up the phone and forwarding the calls back to your Virtual Chiropractic Assistant®. That’s basically it and all you have to do to assure that your phone is going to be properly answered during lunch and when your office is closed.

Or just set your phones to automatically roll-over to the Virtual CA after three or four rings. That way, no one needs to remember to forward the calls!

All messages will be emailed to you or your staff immediately after each call. That way, you’re able to check the messages from wherever you can access your email from and decide which calls to return immediately and which calls can wait. The key is to eliminate hang-ups, capture the identity of every incoming caller, and book new patient appointments!

There Really Is No Cost To This Service Because It Makes You Money!

You’ll pay $95 per month plus $1.30 per minute per call. Let’s do some math…

As I said earlier if you are the average office you get about 150 off-hour calls per month.

The average call is 2-3 minutes. But even at 3 minutes, at $1.30 per minute that’s $585 in calls plus $95 for your monthly fee for a grand total of $680. That’s $170 per week! (But it's probably a lot less than that!)

Would you pay $170 for an EXTRA new patient EVERY week that you had to do absolutely NOTHING to get? How about $680 for 7 EXTRA EFFORTLESS new patients each month?

Even if your new patient is only worth $680, you’re STILL DOUBLING your money every time your phone gets answered properly during busy and off hours if you ONLY got TWO new patients each month.

You don’t have to be a math major to figure out that $97.14 per new patient is practically equivalent to STEALING! Imagine if all you had to do to get a new patient to pay you $1,000 was to spend $97.14.

Heck, if you could get a new patient to give you $200 every time you spent $97.14 YOU would STILL be DOUBLING your investment every time.

All These Extra New Patients Are Actually Free!

It’s not an expense, it’s actually FREE…

With a case value of $1,500… your profit is $9,820.00

With a case value of $2,000… your profit is $13,320.00

With a case value of $2,500… your profit is $16,820.00

With a case value of $3,000… your profit is 20,320.00

All of this profit with No Screenings, No Advertising, No Marketing, No Networking, No Mailings, No Groveling, No Begging, No New Staff, No New Equipment, No Training, No Contracts, No Commitments…Just simply CAPTURING the new patients who are ALREADY calling you!


100% Instant Money Back Guarantee

You will see the results of your personal Virtual Chiropractic Assistant® in a matter of DAYS, not weeks. So, if you are unhappy for ANY reason what so ever at ANY time during your first thirty days with Virtual Chiropractic Assistant™ just call us and request to discontinue your service and that month’s per minute fee will be cheerfully and instantly refunded to you.

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  • Email Address/s: After each call, The Virtual CA will email a summary to the email address/es above.

    ex: 8am-12pm; 2pm-6pm

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  • Types of Insurance Accepted:
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  • Price Range Per Visit (1st Visit and Returning Visits):
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  • X-Ray Req. For New Patients?
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  • Avg Length of Returning Visit?
  • Do you want to be contacted for "emergencies" after hours?
  • If not, what would your ke your Virtual Chiropractic Assistant to say?
  • If Yes, what number/s should your Virtual Chiropractic Assistant use to contact you?
  • In case of emergency, can the patient call you directly or just your Virtual Chiropractic Assistant?
  • What constitutes and emergency?
  • Directions to the office using the most commonly known and used streets, freeways, landmarks, etc.
  • Free Consultation?
  • Do you offer insurance assignment from the First Visit?
  • For Missed Appointments:
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  • Card Brand:
  • I agree. Your Virtual C.A.Salary...Only $95 Per Month (This first month fixed fee FREE!) Plus only $1.30 per minute per incoming call!!! (And no charge for message transcription, or communication time between your Virtual C.A. and your office!) Your first month's $95 will be waived. Your first month begins the day we furnish you the number to forward your calls to. You will be charged $1.30 per minute.